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Group 7


London, UK

Our client is a very exciting and growing Central London-based, international Energy & Commodity trading firm seeking to recruit a Shipping Operator to support the business as it enters its next stage of fast growth.

Reporting to the Director of Operations, this role will cover full operations for Oil, Ags, and Metals, and will give a candidate an amazing opportunity to make a huge impact and potentially help shape this growing and very exciting Trading House…


Shipping Operator duties

  • Responsible for daily shipping operations from the vessel on subs until the shipment is fully completed, and is required to provide prompt operational support through monitoring the shipments under the company’s charter.
  • Plans, anticipates, prepares, and executes voyage instructions for spot and time-chartered tonnage.
  • Ensure smooth and timely operations on vessel clearance, stowage plan preparation according to trading/charterer requirement, terminal/port requirement, and internal safety requirement, itinerary update, voyage order distribution, shipment status update, e-filing as well as freight payment.
  • Liaise and coordinate among all internal and external stakeholders in the event of shipment incidents and emergencies on vessels during voyage until issues are resolved
  • This position is also responsible for the shipping operation of time charter fleet, including but not limited to arranging bunker supply, reviewing and settling port disbursements, following charterers’ requirements on each voyage basis voyage order, various operational cost calculations, e-filing as well as freight billing and collection.
  • Nominates and or appoints ships Agents, and coordinates and monitors cargo and shipping operations. Maintains close attention to operational risks that may increase demurrage exposure.
  • Complies with shipping department ‘Check List’ to ensure company policy and procedures are adhered to. Coordinates and cooperates closely with all inter-company departments such as oil operations and treasury and, similarly with other third-party service providers such as ships Agents and shipbrokers.
  • Understands the limitations and restrictions for marine infrastructure at refineries.
  • Prepare registration documents for various counterparty registration to ensure company compliance rules are adhered to and counterparties are registered timely as per the chartering requirement.
  • Vets’ 3rd party vessels for the business via online vetting system and clears vessels for STS against company floating storage units.
  • Checks freight and other shipping-related invoices for accuracy and compliance with the Charter Party, and ensures invoices are approved in accordance with company procedures and delegations of authority.
  • Keeps Company system updated with the entries of accruals for the costs where invoices are expected in accordance with the Charter Party
  • Responds out of working hours to urgent shipping requests and monitors emergency phone on a duty roster.
  • Prepares laytime statement for accruals purposes.
  • Prepares and maintains basic Excel spreadsheets where required.
  • Assists in the preparation of weekly management reports.
  • Maintaining awareness of the business context and company profitability, including budgetary control issues.
  • Ensures all shipping deadlines and priority cut-off times are met.
  • Other Project related tasks as requested by the Manager.

Cargo Operator duties

  • Execute shipments on Ocean going Freight with reference to purchase/sale contracts and Charterparty terms
  • Liaise with document teams/legal to make sure contracts are accurate from a logistics perspective
  • Diligently maintain and regularly update/manage the filing system and records of all physical contract operations in such a way that would permit other team members to take over tasks at short notice
  • Checking & processing invoices for payment and liaising with the Accounts team.
  • Processing bank presentations & LC’s
  • Organising timely deliveries to clients
  • Stock management
  • Inputting logistical information into our system
  • Making reservations
  • Booking invoices
  • Appointing cargo superintendents
  • Contacting vessel agents
  • Thoroughly check the commodity contract, as well as charter party terms. Each trade is different, so accurate administration skills and a keen eye for detail are vital.
  • Timely presentation of prepared documentation (such as bill of lading and certificates of origin) are key in completing operations effectively
  • Review purchase and sale contracts;
  • Produce and settle laytime calculations for cargos
  • Send chartering application when necessary, get vessels approved by the suppliers and buyers, send documentation instructions, appoint inspection company, apply insurance when necessary, and secure invoices from suppliers;
  • Monitor vessel movement, identify quantity loss and quality off-spec and assist Cargo Control to lodge claims against suppliers/owners;
  • Observe B/L date and B/L quantity of all hedged cargoes and keep physical traders and OTC traders informed of any change;
  • Update data in trading system promptly and accurately;


  • Educated to bachelor’s degree level or above (or equivalent) French language skills would be very advantageous
  • 3-10 years experience in cargo handling across many jurisdictions (Africa/Med/Europe/Asia)
  • Cross-commodity experience including dry bulk, agri and petroleum (wet)
  • Vessel Operations experience
  • Ship to Ship operations for Wet Cargo (Oil)
  • Chemical analysis experience with inspectors
  • Cross-border documentation and clearance handling experience with customs
  • Keen understanding of REACH, T1/T2 duties and levies as regards customs formalities
  • Insurance handling experience– including claims and claims processing
  • Demurrage and demurrage claims handling experience
  • Excellent proficiency with Bills of Lading, documentary collections, and processing
  • Ability to perform due diligence, deep dive KYC and sanctions/PEP checking
  • Trade capture input and handling using software such as Symphony etc
  • Vessel clearance and vetting experience
  • Containerised goods handling
  • Refinery experience (advantageous) 
  • Rapport with armed guards / enhanced cargo security processes (advantageous) 
  • Large argi house such as ADM/BUNGE/CARGILL (advantageous) 
  • Excellent Excel proficiency
  • Excellent verbal and grammatical skills
  • Excellent communications
  • Excellent rapport with freight forwarding agencies
  • Strong ability to work in a team
  • Dynamic


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